Farro “Rice” Pudding with Mulled Apple Cider

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Farro Rice Pudding
Farro 1 cup
Lemon zest 1 tsp
Butter 1 tbsp
Water 2 cups
Whole milk 2 cups
Half and half 2 cups
Sugar 1/2 cup
Salt 1/4 tsp
Club House Cinnamon, Ground 1/2 tsp
Club House Cloves, Ground 1/8 tsp
Club House Vanilla Extract, Pure 1 tsp
Mulled Apple Cider
Club House Cinnamon Sticks 4 each
Club House Cloves, Whole 8 each
Allspice, Whole 8 each
Club House Vanilla Extract, Pure 1 tsp
Apple Cider 1/2 gal


This recipe was created for Club House for Chefs by: Adam Walker, Chef of Panache Fine Catering in the Baltimore, DC area.

For the Farro Rice Pudding: Place the Farro in a heavy bottom pan, with water. Bring to a boil for 10 minutes. Most of the water should be absorbed. Remove from the stove top and cover. Allow to stand for 10 minutes. Place the Farro in a food processor, pulse until coarsely chop the Farro. Preheat oven to 300°F. Combine the Farro, milk, half and half sugar, salt, cinnamon, allspice and lemon peel, and vanilla in a large bowl. Mix well. Butter the inside of an oven-safe baking dish. Pour the mixture into the dish and place in the oven. Bake for 1 hour or until thick and creamy. Stir every 15 minutes.

For the Mulled Apple Cider: Place spices in center of a piece of cheesecloth. Tie tightly with long piece of string. Place spice sachet in small saucepan. Add apple cider. Simmer over medium heat 10 to 15 minutes or until fragrant. Stir in vanilla. Discard spice sachet. Serve warm.

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