Brazilian Style BBQ Cauliflower, Seared Scallop, Green Curry Sauce, Amandine, Acadian Caviar

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Scallops 10 each
Unsalted butter 10 g
Grapeseed oil 20 g
Club House Sea Salt, French Mediterranean 8 g
Brazilian Style BBQ Cauliflower
Club House La Grille Brazilian Style BBQ 30 g
Cauliflower, large (inner cut for cauliflower steak, save trim for puree) 1 each
Unsalted butter 50 g
Grapeseed oil 10 g
Club House Sea Salt, French Mediterranean 20 g
Club House Pepper, Black Ground 10 g
Thyme 1 sprig
Garlic clove, peeled 1
Cauliflower Puree
Cauliflower trimmings, see above
Milk 100 mL
Cream 100 mL
Club House Pepper, White Ground 10 g
Unsalted salt 15 g
Butter 50 g
Grapeseed oil 10 g
Almonds, blanched and sliced 50 g
Green Curry Sauce
Thai Kitchen Green Curry Paste 50 g
Shallot, whole 1 each
White wine 25 mL
Buttermilk 50 mL
White wine vinegar 5 g
Agar agar 1.2 g
Spinach 50 g
Club House Sea Salt, French Mediterranean 25 g
Acadian Sturgeon Caviar
Acadian Sturgeon Caviar 15 g


This recipe was created for Club House for Chefs by: Michael Lam

For the Brazilian Style BBQ Cauliflower: Peel the leaves off of the cauliflower and discard while keeping the stem attached. From the centre, slicing lengthwise, trim both sides of the cauliflower until what remains is a one 1-inch “steak”. Reserve trimmings for cauliflower puree. Season the steak generously with the Club House La Grille Brazilian Style BBQ Seasoning, Club House Sea Salt, French Mediterranean and Club House Black Pepper, Ground. In a hot pan, add oil and butter till it starts to foam. Crush the garlic and add to pan with thyme. On medium heat, add cauliflower to the pan while looking to par cook the cauliflower and achieve a golden brown colour. Sear the first side for 2 minutes. Flip, sear for another 2 minutes while basting the presentation side. Remove from the pan and allow to rest.

For the Cauliflower Puree: Slice the cauliflower trimmings into small pieces. In a medium side pot, add oil and half of the butter and sweat out the cauliflower for a few minutes making sure there is no colour. Season with Club House Sea Salt, French Mediterranean and Club House White Pepper. Add cream and milk to cover and bring to a hard simmer. Once at a hard simmer, reduce the heat to a low simmer and cook for 30 minutes until cauliflower is soft. Strain cauliflower and place the solids in a blender. Blend till smooth adding only enough of the strained liquid to help the blender start. Finish the puree by blending in the rest of the butter and pass through a fine chinois sieve. Season to taste.

For the Almonds: Toast almonds in 325 degrees F oven with no fan for 4 minutes. Rotate the tray and toast for another 4 minutes till golden brown.

For the Green Curry Sauce: In a medium size pot, sweat sliced shallot. Add Thai Kitchen Green Curry Paste and cook out for 5 minutes. Deglaze with white wine and reduce till au sec. Add buttermilk and bring to a simmer. Cook further for 30 minutes. Transfer the sauce into a blender and blend with spinach until smooth. Strain and season with white wine vinegar and Club House Sea Salt, French Mediterranean. Cool down and set aside 100 g. Take 50g of the 100g and bring to a boil. Once at a boil, add agar agar and constantly whisk for 5 minutes. Add this 50 g to the remaining 50 g, whisk together and allow to set in a container. Once set, place the solids back into a blender and blend till smooth. Pass through the finest chinois sieve and taste for seasoning.

For Serving: Heat grill. Make sure to oil the grill to prevent anything from sticking. Grill the cauliflower steaks for 2 minutes on the presentation side on high and do the same with the back side. Heat pan. Add oil and season both sides of the scallops with Club House Sea Salt, French Mediterranean and Club House Black Pepper, Ground. Sear for 2 minutes till nice and golden brown on medium heat. Flip the scallop, add butter and baste until cooked to desired doneness. Serve the green curry sauce at room temperature and caviar. Cover the cauliflower with almonds.

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