Sausages stuffed onto Canadian menus

February 19 2014

Canadian restaurateurs are filling their menus with a wide variety of sausages.

According to a new report by Technomic, whether they're spicy or savoury, they're going with a bang among diners who can't get enough of them.

It transpired that traditional pork sausage is consumers' second favourite meat to have for breakfast, as it appealed to 60 per cent of those who ate meat at that time of the morning. It was beaten only by bacon in terms of popularity.  

Almost one-third of diners aged 18 to 34 revealed turkey sausage and chicken sausage were potential options for them to choose when ordering their first meal of the day. This could provide chefs and restaurant owners with the incentive to include healthier breakfast options on their menus in a bid to appeal to younger diners.

The popularity of sausages is not just limited to breakfast, however. Restaurant-goers are also interested in consuming the meat at both lunch and dinner. In particular, those seeking out artisan or homemade ingredients that make a dish stand out from the crowd appreciate the additional flavour and texture that bangers can lend to meals such as pasta, chicken or seafood. 

In fact, the sausage has proved to be a very welcome addition to pasta dishes. It featured 21 per cent more in such meals in the fourth quarter of 2013, in comparison to Q4 of 2012. Bangers could easily retain their new-found place on menus across the country as spring comes into bloom, due to the lighter food choices this season generally brings. 

It was revealed by Technomic in September last year that meatballs were spicing up chain restaurant menus all over Canada. The incidence of the food increased by more than ten per cent in Q2 of 2013 in relation to the year before. In particular, meatballs were making their home on appetizer menus due to their ability to provide a savoury, nostalgic way for guests to begin a meal together.