Montreal chefs dabble with gourmet hot dog recipes

August 20 2013

Given the growing demand across the Canadian food service industry for better-quality offerings at the moment, it may not come as a surprise to chefs that even the humble hot dog is benefiting from this trend.

According to a new report from the Montreal Gazette, a number of local vendors have been mixing up their menus with fancy new gourmet hot dogs that provide a fresh spin on a classic formula.

For example, the Chaud Dogs food truck offer hot dogs that include frankfurters made with beef chuck and pork shoulder, seasoned with garlic, celery seeds, black pepper, paprika and chili, served in a grilled sesame and poppy seed bun.

The chefs pride themselves on providing the best-quality ingredients and toppings, grinding the meat themselves and sourcing buns from local bakeries, while also experimenting with a number of different flavours and ethnic influences.

Meanwhile, the Dirty Dogs pop-up restaurant has embraced a similar commitment to quality and innovation, providing all sorts of exotic and creative toppings for their wieners, including Korean kimchee, foie gras and even chocolate.

Alex Levi, who runs Dirty Dogs, said: "We tried it for the shock value. What we really want to do is bring a sense of fun back to hot dogs."

Meanwhile, Jonathan Cheung - co-proprietor of Chaud Dogs -  said:"We are doing our best to make hot dogs that taste like the hot dogs of our memory. Best of all, we’ve removed the many levels of guilt attached to eating them."

Currently, most hot dogs are made using highly processed meat and are filled with salt and artificial additives, meaning they are falling out of favour with Canadian consumers who are becoming more accustomed to higher-quality foods.

Upscale fast food dining has become a prominent trend across the nation, with eateries making efforts to offer burgers, sandwiches and pizzas that provide freshly prepared ingredients and a range of customization options.