Could lentils be set to grow in popularity?

April 08 2014

Lentils are not generally thought to be the most popular or attractive of foods. In fact, the idea of dried beans in general doesn't particularly get the mouth watering.

However, the Star believes that could be about to change. The numerous health benefits, as well as the quick, easy nature in which they can be incorporated into a meal could see a rise in lentil-featured dishes in the near future.

There's an array of options for the diner to choose from, from red and green to puy lentils, all of which go great depending on the meal of choice - of which there are many.

For example, recipes are available for a delicious bacon and lentil soup, while a green lentil salad - either sprouted or cooked - also goes great with tandoori chicken.

Then there's the added bonus that these food types are relatively inexpensive, so they're more than accessible to you whether you're cooking at home or out for a meal one evening.

Generally, a serving is considered to be three quarters of a cup, while just 13 per cent of Canadians claim to eat this per day.

In addition, by consuming more dietary pulses, which can include foods such as peas and chickpeas, your body will reap the health benefits.

Just a single serving of lentils a day can do wonders for your wellbeing, with doctors claiming it can reduce the chances of having a stroke or developing heart disease.

Dr John Sievenpiper, a scientist at the Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute at St. Michael's Hospital, said: "Pulses are one more thing to add to your diet to get a better cholesterol profile."

Along with a research team, he will be publishing a full report on the effects lentils have on body weight later in the year.

With numerous associated health benefits, only time will tell whether or not lentils are set to become the next trend among Canadian diners.