Chicken wings around the world

February 19 2016

When it comes to getting stuck into a tasty dish, Canadian restaurant diners love nothing more than a good old portion of seasoned chicken wings. With this dish served up regularly across the country - offered as a side or main - the bold variety of flavours are what makes chicken wings such a go-to food choice.

And it would seem that Canadians aren't the only ones who love tucking into a portion of wings; chicken wings are enjoyed all around the world, with chefs in different countries seasoning them with spices and flavours that are characteristic of their home cuisine.

To get some inspiration for your menu, let's take a look at how chicken wings are eaten across the globe:


In recent years, chicken wings have become extremely popular in Korea, with natives choosing to season them with traditional Asian spices.

A much-loved chicken wing marinade involves a combination of the Korean chilli paste called gochujang, soy sauce, garlic, ginger, sesame oil, rice vinegar and honey. Once marinated, the wings are coated in flour and deep-fried - not once but twice - to ensure the skin is nicely browned and crisped.

South Africa

Chicken wings have really taken off in South Africa, with locals mostly choosing to eat them baked or grilled - rather than fried. This is a much healthier way to cook wings than deep frying them, since it requires less oil.

A popular sauce in South Africa is 'piri piri' - a unique blend of crushed chilies, onion, citrus peel, lemon juice and paprika. South Africans typically coat their chicken wings in the piri piri marinade and leave them to soak overnight. 

This allows the flavours to become infused into the chicken, providing a rich and delicious taste sensation once cooked.


Aside from St Patrick's Day, Ireland is renowned for its impressive breweries, so what better chicken wing flavour than one that involves Guinness? This dry stout beer is drank in many countries around the world, and the Irish enjoy seasoning their chicken wings with it too.

To make the reduction, combine Guinness, onions, carrots, garlic and peppers. Once it thickens up, add your chicken wings and simmer until cooked.


Peru is famed for its unique flavours and diverse cuisine, and when it comes to chicken wings, there's certainly no exception.

Peruvian chicken wings involve a marinade of oil, garlic, chilli flakes, cumin, paprika and lime. To really bring the best out of these flavours, grill the chicken wings over charcoal. This helps the flavours to complement each other, and the kick of lime will really shine through.

Which wings will you add to your menu?