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Harness the mild spice and smoky, earthy flavour of dried poblano peppers when you elevate your elk loin main with Club House Ancho Chili Pepper. It’s the perfect addition to this already palate-awakening platter! Explore more 

  1. This recipe was created for Club House for Chefs by: Christie Peters, Chef Owner of Primal Restaurant and The Hollows in Saskatoon.
  2. For the Ancho Chili Rubbed Elk Loin: Toast spices and blend finely, mix with salt and sugar. Evenly coat the Elk loin with spice mixture and pan sear or grill until medium rare. Let rest.
  3. For the Lentils: Cook lentils in stock or water until tender then drain and add salt and butter.
  4. For the Chanterelles: In a frying pan sauté chanterelles and sear peppers. Finish with salt and butter.
  5. For Serving: Slice rested elk meat and assemble everything on a platter.