Club House

Since 1883, Club House has made good food taste great.

Consumers, retail outlets, and food service businesses all depend on Club House for spices, herbs, seasoning blends, extracts, food colours, sauce mixes and other flavourful products. Millions of home cooks and professional chefs across Canada consider Club House products to be essential for their kitchens.

Club House is the largest and most significant brand for London, Ontario-based McCormick Canada, a wholly-owned subsidiary of McCormick & Company, Inc., a global leader in the manufacture, marketing and distribution of spices, seasonings and flavours to the entire food industry.

Club House traces its roots back to 1883, when it was founded in London, Ontario. Gorman, Dyson & Company started the Club House brand in the coffee business, and within a few years added spices, extracts and baking powder to their product line. Spanish Olives were introduced in 1890, and by 1905, Club House was the largest olive packer in the British Empire.

In 1959, the company was purchased by McCormick & Company, and the name changed to Club House Foods Ltd.

Other milestones in the Club House brand evolution include the adoption of its unique pedestal spice bottle in 1976, and in 1990, the launch of a Canadian spice icon, Club House La Grille Montreal Steak Spice, which became an instant hit.

Club House for Chefs is McCormick Canada’s Food Service Division. It was established in 1982, and within the next two decades, its products were available to every food service operator nationally.

The familiar Club House PET container was launched in 1985. With its easy grip, flip top cap and see-through plastic packaging, it was a revolution in the marketplace and ideal for food service kitchens. Also in 1985, a Food Service broker sales network was established to service food distributors nationally.

Today, Club House is recognized as Canada’s national leading brand of a wide variety of high-quality Spices, Herbs, Seasoning Blends, Extracts, Food Colours and Sauce Mixes.





McCormick Science Institute. Advancing The Knowledge of Spices

This research-driven organization is a think tank of internationally renowned scientists, nutrition and health professionals who identify and quantify the beneficial nature of spices and herbs. Specifically, the McCormick Science Institute examines the role "ingredients" play in:

  • Supplying antioxidants
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Aiding weight management
  • Improving diet quality
  • Assessing impact of spice rich diets on health

Guided by a Scientific Advisory Panel, the McCormick Science Institute's findings are disseminated to the public through peer-reviewed journals and conferences. Visit McCormick Science Institute to learn more.






Throughout the supply chain, raw materials are rigorously tested for safety, authenticity, taste, integrity and traceability. We also work closely with local food safety authorities to set and enhance herb and spice quality standards for consumers.

The same essential quality standards and systems utilized by McCormick & Company are expected of our key suppliers to evaluate adherence to the specifications set by the government as well as additional expectations set by McCormick. Each and every product we offer delivers unsurpassed quality for unsurpassed performance. This is achieved through:

  • Prevention Based Microbiological Program
  • Food Safety and Hygiene Audits
  • Product Traceability
  • Allergen Control and Testing Program
  • Quality Assurance Immediate Reporting of Food Safety Incidents
  • Recall and Crisis Management

Through strategic relationships in source countries, and a diligent commitment to testing, we ensure that no matter where they come from, the quality products we sell to our customers are shipped clean, safe and in compliance with applicable laws.





The McCormick Global Ingredients Limited procurement team sources spices and herbs from over 40 countries around the world. The sourcing organization has a combined total of more than 100 years of procurement experience in the spice trade; and we put that expertise to work every day to find the highest quality spices and herbs around the world.

Through this team, we have established long-held strategic alliances with many of our suppliers and with selected farm communities. We have intimate knowledge of local farm and market conditions everywhere we operate.

As a part of our preventative strategy, we continue expanding our presence in source countries in order to bring our high quality standards as close to the product as possible. For instance, we have joint ventures in India concentrating on red pepper, and in Indonesia focusing on cinnamon, both with the goal of managing the raw material supply chain back to the source. We have developed key strategic alliances in other major spice-growing countries, contributing to a network of suppliers who help us build strong ties with farming communities and help them to continuously improve the quality and productivity of their crops.

Cultivating exceptional suppliers

McCormick is committed to developing and maintaining a strong and healthy supplier base. This has allowed us to get closer to the raw material source. Through the close and local relationships, we are in a better position to improve the product quality at the farm level through education like helping the farmers understand that quick drying processes help avoid mold and teaching them how storing the product in a safe, dry place helps prevent potential issues later.

With this type of education and McCormick’s ability to manage product integrity from source country to end product, farmers deliver a better and more consistent product which leads to steadier demand and better income.

With our strategic, quality-oriented global sourcing approach, McCormick is committed to bringing you the cleanest, safest, most premium products possible.



    Doing less, and more

    Since our earliest days, McCormick has held a broad perspective about our role and responsibility to the communities we are a part of, and to the planet as a whole.

    Much of our business literally grows out of the soil, so we are especially mindful and protective of the earth and its resources.

    We are also committed to creating social and economic opportunities in the markets where our employees live and work.

    Each year we dedicate research, service, resources and stewardship to achieve these goals.

    Mindful Stewardship

    Our focus on sustainability is supported by the Sustainability & Social Responsibility Committee, a group with representation from a cross-section of the company including global sourcing, environment, quality assurance, research, communications and manufacturing. The committee’s mission is to oversee and provide direction to McCormick’s sustainability and social responsibility activities.

    In 2005, the committee set sustainability goals and metrics for the company, improving the internal and external promotion of sustainability accomplishments and sharing of best practices.

    By respecting the land, relationships with our suppliers and producers, our employees and our communities, McCormick is able to bring the world flavorful experiences while contributing to the greater good.

    Minimizing our footprint

    One of the key ways in which we contribute to the world is to carefully consider our supply chain and to minimize its impact on the planet. While the list of our environmental impact successes is long and broad, consider that in the first phase of our program, our global manufacturing facilities have reduced our:

    • Global water usage 26%

    • Greenhouse gas emissions 23%

    • Solid waste 22% and

    • Electricity 17%

    These are impressive results and ahead of our goals. Based on this progress we have set new goals for further reductions. The new goals are to gain a further 10% reduction for electricity, solid waste and water consumption and a five percent reduction for greenhouse gases by the end of 2015.

    With the ISO 14001 certification of our two largest plants in France and the UK, we are also achieving international environmental management standards in our manufacturing facilities.

    McCormick is committed to making a positive difference in our business and essential to our success. It is truly our nature.