Patatas Bravas with Poached Egg and Herbs

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Patatas Bravas
Kennebec potatoes, medium sized 4 each
Kosher salt 6 tbsp
Water 2 L
Canola oil 4 L
Club House Smoked Paprika 2 tsp
Butter, melted 2 tsp
Poached Eggs
Eggs, fresh 4 each
White vinegar 1 tsp
Water 2 L
Parsley 1 cup
Mint 1 cup
Watercress 1 cup
Red wine vinegar 1/2 tsp
Olive oil 1 tsp
Kosher salt 1/2 tsp
Club House Smoked Paprika 2 tsp
Club House Pepper, Black Whole 1 tsp
Kosher salt 1/2 tsp


This recipe was created in collaboration with Club House for Chefs and Hawksworth Young Chef Scholarship by: Garrett Martin, Chef of Bridgette Bar in Calgary, AB.

For the Patatas Bravas: Rinse the potatoes and cut half lengthwise, and then into large wedges. Whisk salt (100 g) into water (2 liters) until dissolved. Add potatoes to salted water and brine for 30 minutes. Remove potatoes from brine and steam until tender (roughly 10-15 minutes). Pat dry and place them in frying oil for 5 minutes at 300F. Remove and fry for 2 minutes at 370F until crispy and brown. Remove and toss in butter, kosher salt (1 tsp) and smoked paprika (2 tsp).

For the Poached Eggs: Bring water (2 l) to a light simmer and add white vinegar. Crack eggs into individual ramekins/small bowls. Whisk simmering water to form a small whirlpool and drop eggs into water to poach for 2-3 minutes. Remove and place on tray with a towel and drain. Keep warm for 2 minutes while you finish the potatoes.

For the Herbs: In a small mixing bowl, combine greens and herbs with olive oil (2 tsp), red wine vinegar and kosher salt (½ tsp).

For Serving: Place potatoes on plate and sprinkle with kosher salt (½ tsp), smoked paprika (2 tsp) black peppercorns (1 tsp). Top potatoes with poached egg and garnish with herbs.

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