Crusted Parsnip Roots

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Parsnip roots 20 oz
Lawry's Maple Bacon Wing Seasoning 4 tbsp
Vegetable stock 1/4 cup
Cultured butter 2 tbsp
Parsnip, peeled and cut 1 lb
Bartlett pear, medium ripe, cored and cut 5 oz
Shallots, medium sized and diced 4 oz
Cultured butter 3 oz
Flat leaf parsley, picked 1 cup
Club House Sea Salt, French Mediterranean 1/2 tsp
Roots Breading
Dry brioche crumb 3 cup
Flour 3/4 cup
Free range eggs 3 each
Lawry's Maple Bacon Wing Seasoning 1 tsp
Club House Cinnamon, Ground 1/2 tsp
Club House Sea Salt, French Mediterranean 1/2 tsp


This recipe was created for Club House for Chefs by: Scott Jaeger, Chef Owner of The Pear Tree Restaurant in Burnaby.

For the Roots: Scrub parsnip roots with skin on, remove tops, place in boilable vacuum bag. Whisk together vegetable stock and Lawry’s Maple Bacon Wings Seasoning. Add to vacuum bag and add cultured butter. Seal bag and simmer in 200 degrees Fahrenheit water for approximately 20 minutes or until tender. Allow to cool in the bag.

For the Puree: In a medium sauce pan sweat shallots in ½ of the cultured butter, add parsnips and continue to cook for two minutes. Season with Club House Sea Salt, French Mediterranean and add pear and vegetable stock. Cook till tender. Blend until smooth and adjust seasoning as needed. Add parsley and remaining butter, blend until smooth and pass though fine sieve.

For the Roots Breading: Set up breading station and season flour with Lawry’s Maple Bacon Wings Seasoning and Club House Ground Cinnamon. Next whisk eggs. Remove parsnips from bag and pat dry. Coat with seasoned flour, dip in egg and crust with brioche crumb. Fry at 340 degrees Fahrenheit until golden brown and season with Club House Sea Salt, French Mediterranean.

For Serving: Slice crusted parsnip roots in a variety of different sizes. On a plate spoon puree in the center of the plate decoratively. Top puree with sliced crusted parsnip roots and top with a garnish of your choosing.

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