Caramelized Parsnip and Apple Tart with Cardamom Ice Cream & Crispy Pink Peppercorn Meringue

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Butter, diced and chilled 70 g
Icing sugar 50 g
Almond flour 17 g
All-purpose flour 130 g
Corn starch 14 g
Club House Sea Salt, French Mediterranean 1 g
Whole eggs 2 tbsp
Vanilla bean, seeds only 1 g
Caramelized Parsnip
Parsnip, peeled 1/4 inch diced 250 g
Granny smith apple, peeled, 1/4 inch dice 100 g
Parsnip juice 50 mL
Calvados 50 g
Sugar 100 g
Butter, divided 2 tbsp
Club House Sea Salt, French Mediterranean 2 g
Cardamom Ice Cream
3.25% Milk 2 cups
Vanilla bean, split and seeds scraped 1 piece
Cardamom pods, crushed 8 pieces
Club House Cardamom, Ground Decorticated 1/4 tsp
Orange peel 1 piece
Sugar 3/4 cup
Egg yolk 4 piece
35% Cream 3/4 cups
Pink Peppercorn Meringue
Egg white 95 mL
Sugar 113 g
Yogurt powder 10 g
Club House Peppercorns Pink 30 g
Parsnip and Mascarpone Cream
Parsnip, peeled and sliced 3 piece
Granny smith apple 1/2
35% cream 2 cups
Vanilla pod, split 1/4 piece
Mascarpone 3 tbsp
Marinated Apple
Granny smith apple 1
Apple juice 100 mL
Billy Bee Liquid White Honey 1 tbsp
Apple vinegar 5 g
Lemon thyme 6 sprigs
Coriander 4 sprigs
Leaves Anise hyssop 6


This recipe was created for Club House for Chefs by: Dan Angus, Chef at Langdon Hall in Cambridge.

For the Tart: Combine all ingredients, except the egg, in a stand mixer with the paddle attachment. Process until sandy consistency. Add the egg and process until smooth and combined. Roll out when soft, and chill in the fridge covered with parchment for 20 minutes until firm. Punch out between 2 layers of parchment paper, to desired size. Line perforated tart shell mold. Dock bottom of tart shell and blind bake on a perforated silicon baking mat. Cook at 325 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 minutes.

For the Caramelized Parsnip: Sweat parsnip in a sauté pan slowly in 1 tbsp butter for 20 minutes, allowing the butter to brown slightly. In a small pot, caramelize sugar, over medium heat, until amber caramel. Do not stir. Use a wet brush to dissolve any sugar crystals on the side of the pot. With a whisk ready, add calvados to stop the cooking, whisk to combine, then add the parsnip juice. Stir to combine. Mount with the remaining butter, season with Club House Sea Salt, French Mediterranean. Add in the cooked parsnip and diced raw apple. Allow to cool in the caramel.

For the Cardamom Ice Cream: Heat the milk with crushed cardamom pods, orange peel, and vanilla until warm. Let sit for 20 minutes to infuse. Remove orange peel and vanilla pod. Beat the sugar and egg yolks together until smooth and pale. Add in 2 oz of warm cream into the egg yolk mixture to temper the eggs. Add half the remaining cream and whisk, then add the rest of the cream. Add the whole mix back into the pot and cook over medium heat until thick enough to coat the back of a spoon. Whisk constantly and use a rubber spatula to ensure there is no egg sticking on the pot. Transfer to a bowl and whisk until cooled, over ice. Lightly whip the 35% cream, fold into the mixture and add the Club House Cardamom, Ground. Add into ice cream machine and process for 15 minutes until frozen.

For the Pink Peppercorn Meringue: Whip egg white until soft and fluffy, then start to gradually add in the sugar 1 tbsp at a time. Once stiff peaks are formed, add in the yogurt powder and 15 g Club House Pink Peppercorns, ground and whip to combine. Transfer to a piping bag with a small round tip. Line 3 different sheet trays with parchment, pipe different sizes on each tray. Dry in a 150 degrees Fahrenheit oven overnight until crispy. Dust with remaining Club House Pink Peppercorns. Grind some of the meringue into a crumble.

For the Parsnip & Mascarpone Cream: In a small pot, cook sliced parsnips and apple over medium heat in the cream with the vanilla pot. Once tender, strain from cream and add to a blender. Puree with mascarpone until smooth. Pass through a chinois and chill over ice. Reserve in a piping bag.

For the Marinated Apple: Shave apple thinly on a mandolin. Punch out a 1-inch circle with a ring cutter. Dissolve Billy Bee Honey in apple juice. Compress punched out apple in a vacuum sealer with the apple juice mixture. Drain on paper towel. Make a small incision halfway through the apple, and form into a cone shape. Reserve in the fridge until plating.

For Serving: Line the bottom of the tart shell with the parsnip mascarpone, about ½ inch thick. Top with the caramelized parsnip mixture, cover the top of the tart with crumbled meringue. With a hot spoon, quenelle the ice cream, and place on the left half of the tart. On the right, dot some of the parsnip cream, and place different sized of the meringue. Place the apple on top of the cream to hold it in place. Garnish with lemon thyme, coriander and anise hyssop.

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