Themed Hotel Afternoon Tea could Inspire Innovative Desserts

April 26 2019

Chefs in the Vancouver area who need some inspiration when it comes to desserts might want to head over to the Fairmont Hotel this spring.

The hotel's restaurant has become famed for its themed afternoon teas - but this quarter's offering has raised sweet treats to a whole new level.

Diners are welcomed into a room with floor-to-ceiling chocolate-covered walls and then tempted with an array of mouth-watering menu choices.

Selections include s'mores crème brulee, velvet cream puffs and gold popping candy chocolate sable, although the decadent Liquid Matter - dark chocolate cake, peanut brittle chunks, chocolate meringue, peanut butter ice cream and molten chocolate - is sure to be a crowd favorite.

Of course, there are some exciting and chocolatey cocktails to wash it all down with too.

Desserts can be tricky to get creative with, but a recent poll by Technomic found diners are increasingly viewing them less as a treat and more of an everyday indulgence.

Using a trip to the Fairmont for inspiration could therefore be just what Canadian chefs need to liven up their own menus and entice anyone with a sweet tooth.