Plant-based burgers set to make an impact on restaurant menus

March 19 2019

One of the most significant trends in dining in recent years has been the growth of vegan and plant-based foods, as an increasing number of consumers embrace a healthier, more sustainable diet.

Writing for Restobiz, Sophie Mir, associate editor for Technomic, a Chicago-based foodservice research and consulting firm, noted this is having an impact on Canadian restaurant menus.

She pointed out that “once-unorthodox ingredients are increasingly going mainstream, and are getting better every day”.

One particular meal option that provides a clear example of this trend is plant-based burgers, which feature patties made from vegetarian or vegan ingredients. As well as appealing to the non-meat crowd, menu offerings such as these could prove popular among those who place a big emphasis on personal health and wellness.

As far as beverages are concerned, one ingredient that has built an increasingly loyal following in recent years, according to Ms Mir, is almond milk.

In addition to its high vitamin E content and low fat, almond milk can bring a distinctive nutty flavour to coffees, teas and smoothies.