Our Flavour Pantry Just Got Bigger

September 04 2018

In late 2017, McCormick & Company Inc. acquired Reckitt Benckiser’s Food Division. The brands acquired include Frank's RedHot®, French’s® and Cattlemen's® - high quality assets and a natural strategic fit with McCormick’s robust global branded flavour portfolio.

McCormick is the perfect home for brands like Frank's RedHot®, French’s® and Cattlemen's® as their simple, clean ingredients make them liquid spice. The addition of these highly complementary brands will allow McCormick to continue to support the growing trend toward spicy, flavourful eating with high quality ingredients.

Welcome French’s®

First introduced at the World’s Fair in 1904, French’s® has consistently held its promise of real ingredients, great taste and positive community impact. The trademark red pennant, a “promise seal,” is still seen on products today.

French’s® uses long-standing formulations, combined with state-of-the-art manufacturing, to create and distribute recognizable pantry staples that chefs and foodservice operators have come to know, love and trust.

With a full product line of mustards, ketchups, crispy vegetables and Worcestershire sauces, French’s® knows   that great-tasting products begin with quality ingredients and a commitment to excellence. That has been the French’s® promise for 114 years.

Welcome Frank's RedHot®

In today’s world, chefs and diners alike want to know where their food comes from. For Frank's RedHot®, it all starts with the pepper.

The makers of Frank's RedHot® Sauce use a premium blend of aged cayenne peppers that add a kick of heat and a whole lot of flavour. Frank’s RedHot® uses high-quality sourcing, harvesting, brining, pickling and packaging processes to create all that gotta-have-it goodness.

Welcome Cattlemen's®

World-class BBQ flavour at high standard, that’s the Cattlemen's® way. First made available in 1950, this grill essential has expanded, introducing chefs and operators to authentic BBQ sauce, free from starches, fillers, artificial flavours and colours.

Known to be “BBQ sauce the way it should be,” Cattlemen's® sauces can be a kitchen’s trusted flavour enhancement on their own or combined with other ingredients. These customizable, compatible sauces are known for encouraging chefs to explore and experiment, both on and off the BBQ.