10 Things You Didn’t Know About Chef Robert Belcham

July 04 2019

If you’ve ever dined at British Columbia’s best restaurants, you’ve likely heard of Robert Belcham and his line of foodservice operations: Campagnolo and Monarch Burger. Now, he’s partnered up with three other top Canadian chefs for the ultimate 4-in-1 concept in the Vancouver peninsula of Granville Island, Popina Canteen. 

We sat down to catch up with our old friend Chef Belcham to learn all the things that you don’t know about this Vancouver chef.

1. What’s one dish everyone should try at Popina? 

East Coast Lobster Roll.

2. Favourite spice or seasoning you’re using right now? 
Black Pepper.

3. One ingredient you wish you could put on everything? 

4. What do you want to add to Popina’s menu? 
Fresh oysters.

5. First restaurant you ever ate at in Vancouver? 
Lumiere Restaurant.

6. What’s your chef mantra? 
If you have time to lean, you have time to clean.

7. Favourite part of working with 3 of your closest friends at Popina? 
We have each other’s backs.

8. How do you find menu inspiration? 


9. What new venture are you currently working on? 
Snow removal.

10. Would you ever open another restaurant? If so, what style of cuisine would it be? 
I will and it will be a burger place.

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