10 Things You Didn’t Know About Chef Michele Forgione

November 12 2019

While born and raised in Montreal, Michele Forgione’s upbringing also instilled a passion for his family’s native Italian cuisine from a young age. As a result, he never stopped pursuing its’ creation. Then, one fateful day while working in the kitchen of Osteria Venti, Forgione met TV chef Stefano Faitia, who shared his passion and desire to start and build something new, while staying true to the principles of Italian cuisine. Within two years, they opened their first restaurant, Impasto, in Montreal’s Little Italy neighbourhood.

Today, alongside his business partner Stefano Faita, Forgione operates multiple restaurants – Impasto, Pizzeria GEMA, Chez Tousignant and Vesta – while also producing quality Italian products for retail. Forgione has also released a best-selling book, ‘Montréalissimo,’ and is currently the Food Editor for Panoram Italia.

Here are 10 more things you might not have known about Chef Michele Forgione. 

1. Biggest guilty pleasure in Montreal? 
Definitely poutine at 2AM. 

2. What was your first signature dish? Would you still consider it today? 

Cacio e Pepe and yes. 

3. One spice/seasoning that’s always in your pantry? 
OLD BAY Seasoning.

4. One city you’d love to cook in or open a restaurant in? 
New York City. 

5. What’s a chef challenge that you face regularly? 

6. Favourite Italian dish? 

7. Where do you find inspiration for each of your restaurant menus?


8. What venture is on your to-do list next? 

9. Which ingredient is a must-have at your restaurants? 
Pork fats. 

10. Which chef would you love to collaborate with? 
Thomas Keller.