Culinary Connections


November 17, 2020 - Coast To Coast: Saskatoon Edition
From land to take, Saskatoon chefs know how to make local flavours sing!

November 13, 2020 - Redefining Prairie Cooking
Chefs Rogers and Robstad on the inspiration behind their heartwarming concept and how they keep their staff and community front of mind.

November 13, 2020 - Building A Restaurant Group
Chef MacKay on how each restaurant location came to be, how they operate within the group and how the community came together in Saskatoon’s time of need.

November 13, 2020 - Bringing Globally Inspired Comfort Food To Saskatoon
Chef Hunt on his farm-driven operations at Ayden and how he brings global inspiration to his menu, even when temperatures drop, and crops freeze over.

November 13, 2020 - The New Ways Of Asian-Canadian Cuisine 
Chef Yuen on how he integrates his culture into cuisine while using local Saskatoon and Canadian ingredients.

October 21, 2020 - Coast to Coast :: Niagara Region Edition
Uncover the stories and flavour inspirations in Ontario’s most popular wine region.

October 15, 2020 - Navigating the New Normal Among Multiple Locations
We spoke to Chef An about the journey, and how it felt to have no idea what to expect.

October 15, 2020 - Navigating a “Gray” Situation
We sat down with Chef Dufour to find out more about how she pivoted to keep her newly opened establishment alive and connected to the Ottawa community.

October 15, 2020 - Where There’s Smoke, There’s Good BBQ
We recently sat down with Chef John to learn more about his unique BBQ offerings, the Niagara region and what he brings to the smoker from his former life in fine dining.

October 15, 2020 - Mastering The Art Of Seasonal Pairings
Now stationed as Executive Chef for The Restaurant at Redstone in Beamsville, we had the privilege of speaking to Chef David Sider about his ever-changing menus and the strong bond he’s formed with his community.

October 15, 2020 - Desserts to the Rescue
We sat down with Chef Celeste to talk about how she and her husband have adapted to the realities of the restaurant industry.

October 15, 2020 - Dispatching Change and Diversity In A Time Of Need
We headed to Dispatch to speak to Chef Adam about this unique concept and the dark side of the industry he’s noticed since leaving Australia.

October 15, 2020 - Trucking Along in a Pandemic-Bubbled PEI
We caught up with Chef Morrow to find out more about pandemic work and life in PEI.

October 15, 2020 - Catering to the New Normal
With very few events in 2020 to speak of, we caught up with Rick to see how he kept his regulars hungry for his culinary creations.

October 15, 2020 - Finding The Perfect Pairing
We visited the vineyard to speak to Chef Christine about her inspirations, processes and how wine comes into play when creating the perfect pairings between her plates and their glasses.

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