Recipe Details

  1. This recipe was created for Club House for Chefs by: Enrique Limardo, Executive Chef of Alma Restaurant in Baltimore, MD.
  2. For the Cocktail: Mix everything in a jar and let it rest in the cooler overnight.
  3. For the Coconut Foam: Mix in a pot at low heat (coconut milk, condensed milk, coconut cream, frozen coconut pulp). While stirring add the gelatin sheets and mix well. Then blend, strain and pour into the siphon. Close the siphon, add the chargers and let it rest in the cooler overnight.
  4. For the Raw Sugar Cane Syrup: Melt in a pot at medium temperature until nice and clear consistency. Preserve in the cooler for 1 hour or until cool, then put into the squeeze bottle.
  5. For the Final Preparation and Decoration: Put the foam (½ of the shaker), pineapple juice (4 oz) and add ice as needed into the shaker. Shake very well and pour into the cocktail glass. For decoration, add the syrup on the edge of the glass and the tajín or chile de árbol. To finalized add kosher salt and green matcha tea on top of the drink.


Chef Insider Tip: Preparing Coconut Foam
When preparing the coconut foam for this cocktail, first soak gelatin in ice water until malleable. Meanwhile combine coconut milk, condensed milk, coconut cream and gelatin once malleable in a pot at low heat (under 50°C) then blend, strain and pour into the siphon. Place gasket in siphon, screw top and insert charger. Turn siphon upside down, add charger and tighten until it hisses. Then turn siphon upright and refrigerate overnight for use.