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Club House for Chefs travels Coast to Coast :: Edmonton Episode 1

Road trip! Club House for Chefs began the inaugural Coast to Coast tour of Canada’s culinary landscape, and you’re invited to watch as it happens on our social platforms. With over 20 chefs, 25 restaurants and lots of dishes-to-be on the itinerary, we shared everything in the moment, from cooking to city exploration alongside special guests. This year, stops include Edmonton, Winnipeg, Victoria, Halifax and Montreal.

With hunger and seasonings a-plenty in tow, we kicked off our savoury adventure in Edmonton, Alberta. Getting the best feel of the city before taking on the restaurant scene, the spice squad called upon Cook It Raw Alumni and SC Restaurant Executive Chef Shane Chartrand to give us the grand tour. From there, everyone on-site and online was personally shown the major destinations and local businesses that continue to define Chef Chartrand’s personal Edmonton. 


The Chartrand experience commenced with a visit to Strawman Farms. Founded in 2009 as the city’s ultimate source of all-natural bison products, the team at Strawman Farms prides itself on providing high-quality products, while raising free-range bison without the use of antibiotics, steroids, vaccines and growth hormones. For their loving, accredited dedication and attention to bison life, environmental impact and product delivery, Chef Chartrand has proudly made the farm his go-to for the tasty bone broth currently found in his dishes at SC Restaurant. 


With broth in the bag, it was time to head over to Mo-Na Foods. Already offering a wide range of produce including berries, wild rice and seasonal greens, Mo-Na Foods grew their fame by becoming Edmonton’s knowledge and supply leader in gourmet mushrooms.


The tour then continued with a stop at London Local for a lesson in savoury scotch eggs from Gold Medal Plates medalist and Guy’s Grocery Games Champion Chef Lindsay Porter. Run alongside her partner, Evonne Li, London Local is an English-inspired casual dining establishment with its own popularity for their fish, chips, sticky toffee pudding and, of course, being home to Edmonton’s original scotch egg! 

With scotch eggs sous vide and consumed, the team was treated to a crash course in properly shucking oysters, courtesy of Effing Seafood. Full of #effinglove for OLD BAY Seasoning and ingredients sourced from both the east and west coast, Rob Tryon and his Effing Seafood squad sport seafood sustainability and quality through their store, fish club and oyster bar. They also bring their cause to the community through outdoor markets and restaurant events.


Stay tuned as the Coast to Coast adventure continues with a journey to the Manitoban capital of Winnipeg. You can follow along on Instagram by following @CH4Chefs / #CHCoast2Coast as they unveil new dishes and destinations with special guests including Chefs Mandel Hitzer (Deer + Almond), Sean Bernard (Oxbow), Jesse Friesen (The Merchant Kitchen) and Christa Bruneau Guenther (Feast Café Bistro). 
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