10 Things You Didn’t Know About Brayden Kozak

Raised in Wainright and trained in culinary from farm to behind the line, Chef Brayden Kozak is a leading force of the Edmonton food scene’s protein and local source community. A Cook It Raw and From the Wild alumnus, Chef Kozak is bringing his passion for exploration and proper appreciation of ingredients to Wishbone, Three Boars and Farrow Sandwiches.

We recently caught up with Chef Kozak to get the answers to all the questions you were dying to ask.

  1. What protein do you use the most?


  2. Name your favourite three produce ingredients?

    Cilantro, onions and mushrooms.

  3. One spice/seasoning that’s always in your pantry?


  4. If you were given Black Pepper, Cinnamon and Pink Peppercorns in your kitchen what would you make?


  5. Name your first signature dish?

    The Chicken and Liver Pork Bomb at Three Boars.

  6. What’s your favourite place to dine at in Edmonton?

    Bar Bricco.

  7. What’s your first great food memory?

    My mom frying bread dough at home.

  8. Who is your chef hero?

    Craig Thornton.

  9. Where do you find flavour inspiration?


  10. Where do you want to travel next for inspiration?

    Mexico and Morocco.

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