10 Things You Didn’t Know About Chef Jérémie Falissard

Born in France to French and Spanish parents, Chef Jérémie Falissard got an early taste of many culinary cultures, inspiring what became his eventual travels to Spain and Italy; all to further his kitchen training experiences.

Fast-forward to 2005, Chef Falissard moved to Montreal, Quebec and took up restaurant management positions before opening Barroco in 2008 and Bocata in 2010.

His latest endeavor has been Foiegwa, a French neighbourhood diner with a classic American twist. We recently visited Chef Falissard at Foiegwa to find out the top 10 things you need to know about one of Montreal’s hottest chefs.

1. What is your flavour philosophy?

Simplicity and complexity. I like to use quality ingredients and make a dish as simple as possible but with complexity in taste.

2. One ingredient you couldn’t live without?


3. One spice/seasoning that’s always in your pantry?

Smoked Paprika.

4. What do you consider your Signature Dish? Why?

Paya, because there are many ways to interpret it.

5. Which spice/seasoning or herb best matches your personality? (ex: Ginger, because I’m spicy and sweet!)

Thyme, because it's of the essence.

6. What part of your job brings you the most joy?

Creating dishes and seeing the reactions.

7. How do you feed your passion for flavour?


8. Thai Kitchen Coconut Milk or Thai Kitchen Red Curry Paste?

Curry Paste.

9. First great food memory?

In London at a restaurant called the Sugar Club, the chef was from Australia and there was a fusion type of food in a bistro way. It was very, very good.

10. Your chef hero?

Paul Bocuse and Massimo Bottura.

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