“The Mensch” Black Pepper Infused Dirty Martini

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Club House Pepper, Black Whole 1 tbsp
Nitrogen cartridges 2
Club House Rosemary Leaves 1 tbsp
Fresh Tarragon 1 sprig
Gin 1 oz
Manzanilla Sherry 2 oz
Ice 1/2 cup
Stuffed Olives with Black Pepper Marcona Almond Butter 3 each
Martini glass 1
iSi Charger 1

chef's tip

Chef Insider Tip:  Infusing Spices into Beverages

It is possible to quickly infuse spice and herb flavour into base spirits through an iSi charger. Load canister with base spirit, and chosen spices and herbs. Double charge with nitrogen cartridges to quickly pressurize contents and infuse additional flavour into drink. Strain out spices and herbs, but retain all the flavour.


This recipe was created for Club House for Chefs by: Jacob Lefenfeld, Co-Owner and Mixologist of La Cuchara in Baltimore, MD.

For Sherry Spice Infusion Add black pepper, dried rosemary leaves, and fresh tarragon to iSi charger canister with Manzanilla sherry. “Double Charge” Canister with two cartridges of nitrogen for infusion of spices into Gin. Using a double strainer, remove herb and spice particles.

For Stuffed Olives with Black Pepper Marcona Almond Butter Saute Marcona almonds with sea salt, thyme, black pepper. Puree with a dash more o black pepper until you have the consistency of creamy almond butter. Pipe black-pepper almond butter into green olives. Add three olives to skewer for final assembly.

For Serving: Mix 1 part infused gin, 2 parts sherry, and stir with ice in crystal beaker. Strain with julep strainer into martini glass. Garnish with stuffed ollive skewer.

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