Gra Prow Burger

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Gra Prow Burger
Bacon 8 pieces
Chuck beef, ground medium 600 g
Club House La Grille Fiery Habanero & Roasted Garlic 2 tbsp
Club House Piri Piri 2 tbsp
Holy basil, chopped 1 cup
Thai Kitchen Fish Sauce 1 tbsp
Brioche round bun/quality sesame buns, split in half 4 each
Melted butter 6 oz
Mozzarella cheese slices 8 each
Fried Egg
Eggs 6
Canola oil 1/2 cup
Red bell pepper, pickled and grilled 1 each
Cucumber, sliced 1/2 each
White onion, sliced 1


This recipe was created for Club House for Chefs by: Nuit, Chef Owner of Pai Northern Thai Kitchen and Kiin in Toronto.

For the Gra Prow Burger: Cook bacon until crispy. Drain the oil. Cut slices in half; keep warm. In a large bowl place ground beef, two eggs, holy basil, La Grille Fiery Roasted Habanero and Roasted Garlic Seasoning, Club House Piri Piri Seasoning and Thai Kitchen Fish Sauce and mix well together. Cover and refrigerate for 30 minutes. Shape the ground beef mixture into four 1/2-inch (1 cm) thick patties. Place patties on greased grill over medium-high heat; close lid and cook, turning patties once, for about 10 minutes or until no longer pink inside. Remove from heat and top with mozzarella slices. Keep warm. Lightly brush cut side of buns with butter; grill or toast buns.

For the Fried Egg: In a wok, heat canola over medium heat. Once hot, add four eggs (one egg at a time) and to cook until whites are set (completely coagulated and firm) and yolks begin to thicken (no longer runny, but not hard). Turn eggs over if desired, for additional firmness of yolks. Keep warm.

For Serving: Place patty on the bottom of a bun and add cucumber, grilled red bell pepper, and cooked bacon. Top with fried egg. Cover with buttered bun on top. Add additional condiments to taste.

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