Why not Try Seaweed in Savoury Dishes?

May 03 2019

Chefs on the lookout for a flavouring that's a little bit different should give seaweed a chance.

That's according to Ron McKinlay from Canoe, who told the National Post he loves to use it to add texture and taste to a variety of dishes served at his restaurant.

"We're really only just beginning to understand how we can use seaweed to improve our cooking, so it's an exciting ingredient for us to use," he added.

Mr McKinlay also pointed out that seaweed is an excellent alternative to meat or out-of-season produce - and because Canada has so much coastline, there is plenty available.

Seaweed can be added to soups, stews, dips and marinades, as well as used instead of bacon in quiches and flaked over vegetables.

It will provide flavour without added sodium or calories, and a recent study found it to be rich in vitamins C, A, E and B, as well as iron and iodine, making it a healthy ingredient for the adventurous chef to experiment with.