10 Things You Didn’t Know About Chef Kim Alter

May 04 2018

With her dishes winning accolades like ChefsFeed’s “Best Things to Eat in San Francisco,” Chef Kim Alter is a force to be reckoned with and double the success with her two establishments, Nightbird and Linden Room.

Originally from Laguna Beach, and a graduate of the California Culinary Academy, Chef Alter’s commitment to techniques, flavour pairings and concept developments have earned her accolades including chef award nominations by James Beard and Food & Wine Magazine.

We spoke to Chef Alter to find out the top 10 things you didn’t know about this rising star. 

1.Three ingredients you use the most?

Alliums, soy, mushrooms.

2. One ingredient you couldn’t live without?


One spice/seasoning that’s always in your pantry?


Lemon Pepper or Cayenne Pepper?

Lemon Pepper all the way.

5. Parsley Flakes or Black Pepper?

Black Pepper.

6. Go-to Happy Hour dish?

Fried anything.

Favourite food memory?

Dinner outside of Paris in the country side during the winter.

8. Two ingredients that should never be together?

Cumin and rosemary.

Signature dish?

Quail egg with fried leeks and hollandaise.

Your chef hero?

Chef Suzette Gresham of Acquarello in San Francisco.