Taking food safety to the next level

November 13 2018

There are many elements that go into making a great dining experience at a restaurant; the quality of the food, the value, the speed and politeness of service and the general ambience are all key factors. 

Ultimately, however, food safety is paramount. After all, there is nothing worse for those who have come out for an enjoyable evening and spent their hard-earned money on what they hope is a great meal, only to find the next day that something they ate had turned bad. 

Such outcomes can have serious ramifications not just for those who suffer the immediate gastric consequences; it also means they won't be coming back and bad reviews - either online or word-of mouth - can prompt further reputational damage.  

Keeping kitchens clean and checking that ingredients are in good order have always been important factors in preventing any problems occurring, but new technology can help do more to ensure restaurant food is safe. 

To this end, Restaurants Canada has announced that it has entered into a new partnership with blueRover Inc, an internet of things (IoT) firm, which is bringing this ground-breaking technology to restaurant kitchens. 

Among the new innovations this will include are the Continuous Temperature Food Delivery System, which will ensure food does not get too hot or too cold. It will monitor the contents of each product to ensure the ingredients do not stay outside the optimum temperature ranges. This means it is no longer possible for these to unknowingly be stored in conditions where harmful bacteria can arise. 

President and chief executive of Restaurants Canada Shanna Munro said the smart delivery bags would help restaurants stay "one step ahead of food safety risks".

She added: "Delivery bags that allow GPS tracking, time and temperature monitoring mean they’ll be able to catch and prevent potential problems in real time - plus they’ll have automated records of every off-site encounter with their products. It really is a great way for foodservice operators and third-party delivery companies to protect their brands and protect their customers."

Chief executive of blueRover Loreto Saccucci remarked: "This Internet of Things solution ensures the optimal temperature of food is maintained to its destination through our heated and monitored container, providing complete visibility. Gone are cold soggy meals - our technology provides a fresh, hot and safe alternative."

The Continuous Temperature Food Delivery System will offer a range of features. These include delivery bags in various sizes, moisture management systems, temperature control units that can both help keep food hot or cold, tracking systems for the bags with real-time GPS location, time and temperature monitoring and custom branding. 

Many restauraters and indeed diners may have wondered how the IoT might affect food preparation. The use of such technology might become very familiar in time, as it could also find similar its uses in the home to ensure food safety there. 

Indeed, it may be just the first of many IoT devices designed to help chefs and the restaurant sector as a whole, helping to ensure more safe, high-quality and enjoyable food for Canadian diners than ever.