Mallika Basu shares Expert tips for your Spice Cupboard

April 17 2019

Food writer Mallika Basu has shared her seven top tips to make your spice cupboard the home of flavour in your kitchen.

In a recent article for the Evening Standard, the author of two cookbooks said it’s best to buy spices in small quantities, as they lose their pungency over time.

She also pointed out that jars should be labelled correctly and with an expiry date before going into the cupboard.

Ms Basu stressed the importance of storing them in a cool, dark place and only using a dry spoon when adding your spices to recipes.

If spices are beyond their best, then Ms Basu said they can be warmed gently to reinvigorate them, but this situation can be avoided by checking the cupboard before buying more spices to prevent doubling up.

She added: “And finally, be ruthless. Don’t buy an exotic new spice until an existing one is used up! In fact, clean out your spice drawers or shelves regularly and put old ones to use.”