Could the pizza cake make its way to Canada?

April 22 2014

Foodservice operators like to be adventurous when they're creating new recipes, but Boston Pizza seem to have gone all out with their latest set of ideas.

The Canadian-based pizza chain has invited customers to vote on what the latest concoction should be on their menu, and the pizza cake is one option that seems to be acquiring a following.

This hybrid food consists of six slices of pizza on top of each other, meaning it is a similar height to a cake. It is reported to contain as many as 5,000 calories and, as of today (April 22nd), is leading the way in the poll. 

As part of its 'Pizza Game Changers' offerings, the pizza cake is "great for birthdays, bar mitzvahs, weddings and even lonely nights watching infomercials", according to the chain. 

Other equally as innovative offerings are also being presented. These include a fusion of Mexican and Italian food - the pizza taco. It's a traditional chipotle and chicken filling, except with pizza as the outer layer. 

If you're the kind of fan who always wants to be eating the Italian staple, this could soon be possible. Pizza mints are one option that could be available in each of the 27 flavours made by Boston Pizza. 

One more conventional offering is the sriracha chicken pizza, which is made up of "sriracha pizza sauce, pizza mozzarella, sriracha chicken and sesame seeds, and finished with green onions, cilantro and sriracha mayo drizzle".

Alternatively, consumers can opt for the spicy steak and potato pizza, containing cactus-cut potatoes, sliced BBQ steak and covered with horseradish mayo.

However, it's not just food items that feature on the list. Accessories, such as the pizza protector, could also be crowned the winner. This product has been designed to ensure your leftovers can be safely secured and hidden from any roommates or coworkers that fancy getting in on the action. 

Similarly, the pizza beardkin has been designed to "keep more pizza in your mouth and less on your chin", in case any fans of the Italian staple aren't the tidiest of eaters.