Consumers 'love frozen strawberry drinks'

November 11 2014

Whether they're in juices, flavoured waters or more exotic concoctions, strawberries are the top fruity flavour of non-alcoholic frozen drinks, according to Technomic.

The little red berries are listed 233 times, reports Restaurant Central, and it is believed that they are a favourite flavour choice both because of their bright cheery colour and their ability to mix well with other fruity flavours.

Many restaurants are currently using strawberries in fruit smoothies, where they're blended together with ingredients such as other whole fruits, juices, yogurt and ice cream. Meanwhile, other chains have come up with more creative ways to feature the berries in frozen drinks. For example, Country Style offers a Strawberry Frozen Iced Tea.

Next in the list of fruity flavours is banana. It's used in 209 frozen non-alcoholic beverages thanks to its creamy texture and mild yet sweet taste.

Banana is often used with other tropical fruits, like pineapple, coconut and kiwi. What's more, since the yellow fruit is high in nutrients like potassium and vitamin C, it's a popular ingredient in 'better-for-you' beverages. One such example is the Breakfast Protein Smoothie, which is on the menu at the Bacchus Restaurant & Lounge in Vancouver. Along with banana, its ingredient list includes coconut water, whey, honey and fresh ginger.

Next inn the ranking of fruity flavours are mango and pineapple, coming in with 156 and 92 listings respectively. These tropical fruits are particular favourites during the summer months, when their refreshing and exotic flavours are best enjoyed.

Mango and pineapple work well on their own and with other fruits. In addition, their combined sweet and tart notes go very well together. The Mango Tango Smoothie, which is offered at Cultures, uses a mixture of mango and pineapple along with frozen yogurt and milk for a tropical taste.

While fruity flavours are certainly the most popular options for frozen drinks, taking eight of the spaces in the top 10 ten, vanilla and chocolate also feature. Vanilla ranks at number five - it is used in 89 drinks - while chocolate comes in at number 10, with 40 drinks containing it. 

The other top fruit flavours are raspberry, blueberry, peach and orange.