Cambridge burger joint to star on TV

February 14 2014

A Cambridge restaurant that started life as a burger stand, before its owner realized its true potential, is to feature on a popular TV show.

Little Louie's Burger Joint and Soupery will be one of two eateries in the region set to star on the Food Network's 'You Gotta Eat Here', reports the Cambridge Times.

While the appearance of the building itself pays homage to a classic 1960s snack house, the burger recipes served up inside are anything but retro, offering modern, contemporary twists on classic dishes. 

As the name of the outfit suggests, Little Louie's also serves soup - even though owner Steve Allen isn't sure whether or not 'Soupery' is actually a word!

Despite that, he's now looking forward to seeing his enterprise appear on the television later this year. Mr Allen told the Times: "They [the Food Network] approached us a year ago and we’ve had to put them off twice because we are so busy with our catering business." 

Seating, on average, around 100 people per day between Monday and Wednesday - and double that on Thursdays and Fridays - the restaurateur said he believed one of the key factors in encouraging people to keep coming back is the fact that everything on the menu is made from scratch, using ingredients that are sourced locally. Its popularity is even more astounding when you consider the indoor seating capacity is limited to just 40 people.

In addition to this, he boasted his speciality soups and burgers are unique and cannot be found anywhere else in the world. To emphasize the point, he changes his menu on a weekly basis to ensure his regulars do not get bored.

While the airing dates of 'You Gotta Eat Here' have yet to be announced, the next season starts in the spring.