Burgers 'somewhat exempt from food trends'

September 02 2016

Restaurants that serve burgers have been advised they might not need to chase every single culinary craze.

According to Kyla Turoi, corporate chef at Unilever Food Solutions, burgers tend to be largely exempt from shifts in food trends.

However, she told Canadian Restaurant News that they do still often follow the major changes.

As a result, restaurateurs should keep an eye on what large-scale shifts in consumption habits are taking place and see if they can reflect this in their burger offerings.

"We’re seeing a huge rise in people moving towards being vegetarian or a largely plant-based diet," Ms Turoi commented.

"I think we will see a lot more veggie or even seafood burgers out in the market."

Ms Turoi went on to state that high-quality ingredients form the basis of a genuinely great burger.

Indeed, she noted that regardless of whether it is made of beef, vegetables, chicken or something else, a patty will still taste "really good" if it is made of proper ingredients and prepared well.

"Same thing with the bun," Ms Turoi continued.

"Then you kind of up the ante with all the condiments, but you have to have that really good core and then you can make it your own."

Ms Turoi added that mayonnaise can be a particularly "great carrier for a whole bunch of different flavour profiles".

Unilever Food Solutions is currently in the process of creating its latest Hellman's Burger Route guide, a quarterly publication designed to give food service establishments advice on how to create the best burger.

Colleen Gagnon, senior marketing manager at Unilever Food Solutions, believes restaurants and specialist burger outlets do not have to make "significant changes" in order to be the best in business.

"It’s all about experimentation for the operators,” Ms Gagnon commented.

She stated that the trends and ideas being submitted to the company could prove to be mutually beneficial.

"It’s a two-way street," Ms Gagnon said. "They inspire us and we hope to inspire them."

She added that crunchy burger toppings, such as crispy vegetables and fried foods, are proving to be particularly popular with restaurant diners at the moment.