Breakfast for dinner

March 31 2015

We're often told how important it is to eat a nutritious breakfast every day. After all, a good breakfast will fill you up and provide you with the nutrients and energy to get you through to lunch time. However, the foods usually found on a breakfast plate can make a hearty and delicious meal at any time of the day.

From scrambled eggs, bacon and sausages, to hash browns and French toast, a breakfast menu includes a number of tasty dishes - so why are these foods usually only available in the morning? 

While it's normal for some diners to serve breakfast all day long, most other eateries only serve breakfast foods before ten or 11 am. However, even McDonalds, a chain that's famous for its strict breakfast hours cut-off is looking into making the meal available all day long - and many other restaurants are following suit.

What's the allure of breakfast for dinner?

For many people, breakfast foods are also comfort foods, so the meal is one that can be thoroughly enjoyed, no matter what time of day it is. For those cooking at home, many breakfast items are also quick to prepare and made from staples that are always on-hand. This means breakfast for dinner is easy to whip up after a long day.

Which breakfast dishes make the best dinners?

Although any breakfast item can be served up at dinner time, some dishes are better suited to an evening meal. For example:

  • Omelettes - A versatile dish that can include a range of ingredients, an omelette is also full of protein so is a filling meal. A Denver omelette includes cheese, peppers and ham with a bit of hot sauce. Or how about a Swiss omelette containing Swiss cheese, mushrooms and spinach?
  • Steak and eggs - Steak is already a popular dinner choice - and your customers may well enjoy having it for an evening meal alongside some eggs and toast. Try pan-frying a well seasoned sirloin. Then, slice it into thin strips before serving.
  • Potato frittata - A frittata is an egg-based Italian dish, similar to an omelette or a quiche without the crust. Like an omelette, it can be filled with all sorts of ingredients like cheese, spinach, tomato, bacon and sausage. 
  • ‚ÄčPoached eggs on toast - Breakfast-for-dinner doesn't need to be a heavy meal, and poached eggs on toast is a light dish ideal for smaller appetites. Choose a thick cut of bread for the toast and consider other toppings like asparagus or grilled peppers.
  • Breakfast sandwiches - Chefs can get creative assembling breakfast sandwiches, using croissants or toast as the bread and including fillings like fried eggs, sausage, bacon and fried tomato. You could also use French toast to make a breakfast Croque Monsieur, filled with melted cheese and ham.

How about dessert?

Some breakfast foods fit into the category of sweet treat - like pancakes or waffles - and these can be dressed up to make indulgent desserts. Consider topping them with chocolate syrup or salted caramel. Pile them high with fresh fruit or add a scoop of ice cream for a delicious end to a meal.

Making breakfast a bit more dinner-like

While any breakfast dish can be served up in its standard form as a delicious dinner entree, you may also want to change its presentation a little bit for the evening meal. For example, a side of roasted vegetables or steamed greens can help to make a breakfast dish seem a bit more like dinner. Or you could consider changing the herbs, spices and seasonings to give the meal a slightly different flavour.