5 Ways to Liven up your Cuisine with Mustard

October 09 2019

If you're looking for a way to add a dash of excitement and uniqueness to some of the dishes on your menu, experimenting with mustard could be an ideal way to do it.

For many people - particularly in North America - mustard is nothing more than the stuff you mix with ketchup and onions to create a tasty hot dog topping. This distinctively flavored condiment has so much more to offer than that, with the potential to be incorporated into salads, meat dishes, pickles and more.

Here are five ways you can use mustard to wonderful effect in your cooking:

1. Reinvigorate potatoes

Potatoes are a staple of many types of cuisine and particular dishes, and can be perfectly tasty when prepared and served in the right way. However, it's fair to say this fundamental foodstuff often benefits from some extra work to bring it to life, and adding mustard is an excellent way to do that.

One tried-and-trusted approach is to mix mustard into mashed potatoes, which could then be served up with some German-style sausage and roasted vegetables. Or, you could try this dish, which throws in a mustard-based vinaigrette with roast potatoes and jalapenos.

2. Liven up salads

Mustard can be paired with other, sweeter ingredients to create delicious salad dressings that offer an exciting variety of flavors.

Honey and mustard is a timeless combination that can turn even the simplest of salads into something exciting. Alternatively, you could try incorporating a punchy Dijon mustard with oil and vinegar for a dressing to be combined with fresh herbs in a potato salad.

3. Boost the flavor of meat and fish

The range of meat and fish dishes that can benefit from a dash of mustard in their flavor mix seems practically endless. Stand-out examples include pork shoulder coated in a sweet mustard glaze and slow-roasted to create a beautifully soft texture, and, if you're looking for something warm and delicious in winter, chicken flavored with mustard and served with onions, celery, carrots and turnips.

Another great use of mustard is to brush it onto fish fillets before baking, which creates a tasty crust that diners will enjoy tucking into.

4. Make delicious dips

It's incredibly easy to use the fundamental flavor of mustard to create some fantastic dips. Simply combining some Dijon mustard with mayonnaise, and some extra salt and pepper to taste, produces a delicious dip in which the mildness of the mayo counteracts the strength and pungency of the mustard.

Or, for something a little sweeter, mix mustard with honey for a sweet-and-spicy dip that is ideal for chicken strips and other finger foods.

5. Turn eggs into something special

When you think about a combination of eggs and mustard, it's possible your first thought will be deviled eggs - a beautiful combination of boiled eggs with mayonnaise, mustard, salt and possibly some extra flavorings like tabasco and paprika.

However, there are many other ways to combine these two ingredients, such as a herbed egg salad infused with wholegrain mustard, or a bistro salad with winter greens, bacon lardons, poached egg and a mustard and walnut vinaigrette.

Whether you fancy a bit of experimentation, or simply want to serve your diners some established favorites, mustard can help you deliver some truly memorable eating experiences.