10 Things You Didn’t Know About Chef Nick Cassettari

June 07 2019

Moving from the food scenes of Sydney, Australia to the rockies of Whistler, with a few Michelin star restaurants under his apron in between, Chef Nick Cassettari has brought his fine dining expertise to the table, only to combine it with one rule; local ingredients only.

We spent an afternoon with Nick to uncover the following 10 things you need to know about this Whistle chef. 

1. Favourite thing about Whistler?

2. Favourite dish to have on your menu? 
Elk Tartare.

3. Must-have ingredient? 


4. Best place to eat in Whistler, other than Alta Bistro? 
Ohyama Ramen Restaurant.

5. One chef you’d love to invite to your restaurant? 
Anthony Bourdain.

6. One country you’d love to learn cooking techniques from?

7. One dish you’ll never get sick of eating? 

8. Most unique, seasonal ingredient you’ve added to Alta Bistro’s menu? 

Wild Mushrooms.

9. One item you’d love to add to Alta Bistro’s menu? 
Sea Urchin.

10. If you could open another restaurant, where would it be located? 
On the beach in Mexico.