10 Things You Didn’t Know About Chef Justin Floyd

August 02 2019

A chef who wasn’t going to be a chef, Justin Floyd went from cooking out of necessity to cooking out of obsession with his favourite flavours and the guests of Nova Scotia’s wine country couldn’t be happier.

We stopped by Chef Justin Floyd’s kitchen at Avondale Sky Winery to find out what you didn’t already know about this Nova Scotia chef.

1. First dish you ever tried to cook? 
Bacon and eggs.

2. Favourite spice, seasoning or herb? 


3. Favourite food and wine pairing? 
Potato chips and bubbly.

4. What’s your favourite part of the Halifax food scene? 

5. One tip for pairing food with wine? 
Don’t overthink it.

6. One dish you’d love to add to Avondale Sky Winery’s menu? 

7. Food-related guilty pleasure? 
A&W Buddy Burger with Cheese.

8. Where to you find inspiration for your menus? 

Cookbooks and travel.

9. Favourite Halifax-based ingredient? 

10. Go-to seafood offering? 
Cape Breton Snow Crab or Halibut.