January 25, 2019 - What Goes Best with Wild Whiskey Smoked BBQ Beef Ribs?
Wild whiskey smoked BBQ beef ribs are a great game day food - and there are plenty of good options for something extra to go alongside it.

January 17, 2019 - Blue Cheese Buffalo Pizza - Blue at its Best?
Blue cheese pizzas are always popular, but there are ways of making them even greater.

January 15, 2019 - How Red Peppers can be a Game Day Pizza Hero
When it's time for food on game day, it's surprising what red peppers can do to a pizza.

January 15, 2019 - Create The Ultimate Taco for Game Day
Tacos are simple things to make, but the sheer potential variety means there are many ways to up your game and produce something exceptional.

October 11, 2018 - Catering for the vegetarian revolution
Vegetarianism has been on the rise in Canada - and the upward trend looks set to continue.

October 11, 2018 - How much room for innovation?
Canadian restaurants may consider how innovative they want to be with food in the light of the strange delicacies being served up at the Canadian National Exhibition.

October 11, 2018 - Canada's best new restaurants - the contenders
Air Canada has published its shortlist of the best newcomers to the Canadian restaurant scene.

October 11, 2018 - Is noodle novelty the latest sign of food diversity in Canada?
A bizarre Japanese dish served up in British Columbia may be the latest sign of quirky food innovation in Canada.

October 11, 2018 - Vancouver Island emerges as culinary powerhouse
Some may think Toronto or Montreal is the biggest foodie hotspot in Canada - but Vancouver Island appears to be punching above its weight.

October 11, 2018 - How can Canada's restaurant sector fit with global food trends?
The Canadian restaurant sector may want to take note of some significant global food trends, not least because many are relevant right here.

October 11, 2018 - New plant-based foods group the latest veggie development
The formation of a new association of plant-based food producers in Canada is the latest sign of the shift into the mainstream of vegetarian food.

October 11, 2018 - Indigenous Canada comes to the fore
The latest major growth area of food diversity in Canada has come not from overseas, but from the oldest culinary traditions in the land.

October 11, 2018 - Why the potato is sure to remain a Canadian culinary cornerstone
Potatoes are right at the heart of Canadian cuisine - and there is every reason to believe they will remain so.

June 30, 2018 - 7 ways to jazz up your salads this summer
How can you keep your customers excited about eating a bowl of green?

June 26, 2018 - Meat alternatives on the rise among Canadians
Almost one in five claim to eat meat alternatives at least a few times a week

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