Lawry's Wing Seasoning

Lawry's Wing Seasoning
Buffalo Wing Seasoning Bottle Mango Habanero Wing Seasoning Bottle Maple Bacon Wing Seasoning Bottle Sriracha Wing Seasoning Bottle Barbeque Wing Seasoning Bottle Lemon Pepper Wing Seasoning Bottle
6 Mouthwatering Flavours
BUFFALO The flavour of everyone’s favourite hot and tangy roadhouse sauce
captured in a dry seasoning.
MANGO HABANERO A deliciously sweet and spicy blend of mango and
habanero peppers.
MAPLE BACON A real Canadian classic! The tantalizing sweetness
of maple perfectly paired with the irresistible flavour of bacon.
SRIRACHA Bring on the heat with the big, bold and distinctive
flavours from this on-trend, spicy Asian condiment.
BARBECUE Enjoy the smoky sweet deliciousness of this popular flavour.
LEMON PEPPER The tried and true combination of zesty lemon and spicy black pepper
that's always a winner.

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Watch your wings fly off the menu with Lawry's wings – a line of dry seasonings that delivers superior flavour. Wings continue to be a popular item on Canadian menus and the demand for dry seasoned wings is growing. Lawry's Wings seasonings make it easy to expand your menu to get in on this emerging trend.

No Artificial Colours or Falvours


Delivers the big, bold flavours guests crave, without the mess
Creates a unique, crispy texture that melts in your mouth
Capitalize on the growing popularity of dry seasoned wings


Lower cost-in-use than wet sauce*
1 bottle of Lawry's Wings Seasoning flavours the same amount of
wings as two 3.78L bottles of wet sauce
Seasoning is designed for 100% adherence so there is little to no waste
Easily converted to a wet sauce by adding a small amount of water
Dry seasoning does not require refrigeration and takes up very little space on shelf
Allows for easy expansion of wing menu

*Based on a comparison of estimated leading wet sauce cost-in-use vs. Lawry's Wings Seasonings.